Government Rebates for LED Lighting

A closer look at a project we're proud of:

LED retrofit, energy reduction, and government rebate for JFK Middle School located in Florence, Massachusetts.

JFK Middle School, Florence Massachusetts
Aerial view of JFK Middle School (Florence, MA)

LED vs Traditional Lighting

As you may know, LED’s are a far more cost effective and sustainable way of lighting. When comparing LED’s to traditional lighting such as fluorescent or incandescent, you’ll see that they out rank in just about every way. They cost less, last longer, and use less energy more effectively. LED’s are also nicer on the eyes.

Unlike your average fluorescent light bulb, LED’s waste only 5% of energy because they don’t get hot after being on for long stretches of time. Put your hand close to a fluorescent bulb and you’ll see what we mean. Now imagine that the heat radiating off that outdated bulb is money being lost, as well as pollution made. We don't know how many buildings, homes, and businesses still running on outdated lighting but luckily, we are here to set things right.

JFK Middle School, Florence Massachusetts

Less Energy, More Sustainable

JFK was wasting energy because of old lighting technologies. They didn’t realize it, but their lightbulbs were costing them energy and money every day. Our team replaced over 1,640 lighting fixtures in the school with state of the art LED replacements. Not only will they be saving money with these LED lights, but they’ll be saving precious energy as well. Since LED’s don’t waste energy, they don’t use as much either. This means less demand from power plants and therefore less greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a win-win!

How many Kilowatt Hours does it take to change a lightbulb?

So how much energy are we talking about saving exactly? This project of ours saved JFK 146,867 Kilowatt hours per year. For those of you who aren’t engineer buffs, that’s about 14 times the amount of energy the average household uses in a year. That’s how much energy we saved from being wasted. A kilowatt hour produces a little over a pound of carbon dioxide, therefore, this project also prevented 146,867 pounds of CO2 from being released into our atmosphere. Let that sink in. Change your light bulb, change the world!

JFK Middle School, Florence Massachusetts
New LED Lighting at JFK Middle School's Community Swimming Pool

The cherry on top: A $117k rebate!

Possibly best of all, especially for JFK and for the city of Northampton, Andy Ramos Electric secured a $117,000 LED rebate to help the city cover the cost of the new fixtures.

These sorts of rebates are out there to help incentivize places like JFK to switch to LED lighting, but they can be hard to claim and tedious to find. Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but we make it a piece of cake. LED rebates are less and less common as more people understand the vast benefits of LED’s, which means they don’t need other incentives such as rebates. But they are still available, and this one really helped everyone out.

We were proud to be of service to JFK, the city of Northampton, and of course, to the environment.

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