5 Smart Electrical Upgrades to Consider During a Commercial Building Remodel

In the United States, real estate property has always proved to be quite lucrative. Over the past five years especially, this country has seen quite the revenue being generated from renovating properties.

When it comes to commercial properties alone, building remodels are expected to generate $35 billion in revenue this year. That’s quite the windfall for those smart enough to get involved in this particular industry.

Now as rewarding as this investment opportunity may prove to be, it’s only profitable if the done right. And in order for it to be done right, you have to make sure the electrical work is up to par. Keep reading and find out five smart electrical upgrades you will want to make sure are in your next building remodel.

5. Have Sufficient Outlets

As society continues to move forward in the future and become even more reliant on technology, the need for a sufficient number of electrical outlets in a building becomes crucial. Most businesses that will look to work out of any property you develop will want plenty of outlets for their computers, servers, printers, copiers, phones, and more.

If your commercial building is older, then you will definitely want to put this upgrade on your list.

4. Create Dedicated Circuits

Again, if you’re remodeling an older building, this is pretty much a must on your upgrade list. Dedicated circuits help ensure that when there are power surges in the building, not every area in the building will experience possible electrical damage.

This is important when business tends to depend heavily on computers and servers, and wants to take as many precautions as possible to prevent from frying its hardware.

3. Make Sure the Electrical Wiring is Safe

It’s extremely important to have safe and up to code wiring in your commercial building. Faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of electrical fires today. So if your building has frayed and/or exposed wiring, you will want to upgrade that ASAP.

2. Upgrade HVAC Equipment

In most commercial buildings, heating and air-conditioning will use a majority of the power. So upgrading thermostats and timers associated with the HVAC units will not only help upgrade the technology in your building but usually newer thermostats and timers wind up saving you money.

1. Upgrade the Kitchen Appliances

Obviously, this particular advice is for those with buildings intended for commercial food sales. New appliances cannot only add to the value of the building but can usually prove less harsh on the electrical structure. Don’t be afraid to invest in new commercial fridges, freezers, and ovens.

Ready for Your Building Remodel?

Again, commercial building renovation can prove to be quite profitable if done the right way. Be sure you contact me for your commercial building remodel questions and needs.